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bottom blue2Energizing the Tesla Faithful.

We love Tesla. We love Tesla’s mission, the cars and the people. We are proud to be part of something bigger than ourselves. We were fortunate enough to be in the room the very first day Tesla Motors introduced the Roadster to the public. Since delivery of our Roadster in 2009, we have been gathering enthusiastic Tesla owners and fans of Elon’s vision and products to cool places so they can share their love of this special brand. We are passionate about providing an opportunity for the Tesla community to come together and celebrate this amazing product.

RUSH is the visceral reaction, that overwhelming intoxicating RUSH you get when you mash the accelerator of a Tesla. The X represents an expo, excitement, extreme, extraordinary, exceptional, experience, excellence, exploration. With that elation/sensation in mind, we call our Tesla owner and enthusiast expo RUSH X.

RUSH X is TCLA’s annual event, committed to providing unique social events for the Tesla community, club members and beyond.